Identify all the glass fittings for exterior and interior glass systems such as patch fittings, door rails, handles, profiles for fixed panels either for shop-fronts or for interior partitions, shower enclosures ecc.. It means attention to details, fine aesthetics, hi-end finishing. Quality and reliability are the attributes recognized by the market. From US to Australia Casma is considered a premium brand.

It is synonymous of floor springs since 1942. Everything about the quality of this brand it is strictly connected to the manufacturing, assembling and quality control process that has been kept to its high standards since the beginning.

Starting from the 80’s we are developing innovative sliding systems under this brand. Our bi-folding and stack-away systems started a new trend for all manufacturers. Reliability and precision, the usage of top quality components make all GWT products unique in terms of load capability and sliding smoothness. Most of the issues that you can encounter using these solutions have been solved during the tests that we always run in house before releasing a new product onto the market. You can count on more than 30 years experience to find out the best solution for your installation.


According to the latest Architect designing trend most of the entrance doors are at full height, they are becoming taller, wider and they are made using thicker glasses. Tubo is the solution for all of these ”monumental doors” using marine grade stainless steel solid patch fittings.

4Glass is our division specializing in sliding systems.